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Fractional CTO and Interim CTO Services.

Flexible, on-demand Fractional CTOs give you all the benefits of a top CTO or Technical Director without the cost, commitment or difficulty of hiring a permanent Chief Technology Officer. Whitesmith helps companies across the globe solve their technical challenges faster by embedding great CTOs on an interim, fractional or part-time basis. Our experienced CTOs are ready to hit the ground running and deliver technical expertise coupled with business acumen and strategic vision at the exact time it is needed to have the most impact.

Fractional CTO or Interim CTO?

At Whitesmith we offer Fractional CTO and Interim CTO solutions (and indeed, Interim Fractional CTOs too!) and can quickly fill the gap in whichever format best suits your needs, and help you choose the right option for your stage of business.

Interim CTOs

We’re most frequently called on to act as Interim CTO to where there is a temporary period of rapid change; accelerated growth, restructuring, acquisition, preparing for a funding round, CTO departure or a coming important product milestone. In these cases we match organisations with experienced CTOs for short periods of X to X, on a part or full time basis to guide the organisation through the urgent challenge.

Fractional CTOs

Through Fractional CTOs we are able to support organisations with ongoing tech leadership for more extended periods. The fractional approach allows the company to benefit from top-tier skills, experience and thinking without the cost of a full-time CTO or the challenges of hiring one. Depending on the aims of the organisation that can bring cost savings, time saving, bring higher quality talent to the board or a combination of all three.

Why Whitesmith?

We’ve been doing this since 2012 and know how to do it well with a wide range of organisations from start-ups through charities to Blue Chip corporations. Our culture of humble-excellence lends itself to effective partnerships and our culture of engaged-learning equips our people with ever-increasing knowledge to apply to every job. Every outstanding individual contributor we employ is also backed by our proven team and process, allowing them to focus on the job in hand and allowing us to offer remarkable value to our clients.

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Yet to be convinced? Read our case studies for examples of where Whitesmith Fractional CTOs helped transform the businesses we worked with.

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CTO Hiring Questions

When is the right time to hire a CTO?

A CTO has the most impact at times when you are facing complex technical challenges that require expert guidance or when you're scaling up and need strategic technological leadership. This is typically during periods of rapid growth, major product development, or when preparing for significant business milestones. A CTO's vision is crucial in aligning your technology strategy with business goals, ensuring you're not just solving current issues but also paving the way for future success.

What are the primary responsibilities of a Fractional CTO?

A Fractional CTO’s responsibilities include defining and implementing technology strategy, overseeing technology-related decisions, and ensuring that tech systems and procedures lead to outcomes in line with the company's goals. They bring a blend of technical expertise and business acumen, offering advice on new technologies, managing IT teams, and aligning technology initiatives with business objectives.

Do all companies need a CTO?

No, not all do. Smaller businesses, early startups and those with existing strong technical leadership might be better suited to investing elsewhere, particularly if the technical needs of the organisation are not complex. Similarly, some will only require a CTO during periods of transition and rapid change, rather than long-term, which is one of the key reasons why the fractional approach has been gaining popularity.

Should we hire a full-time or part-time / fractional CTO?

Whether to hire a full or part-time/fractional CTO depends on your company’s size, stage, and specific needs. Startups or smaller companies often benefit from a fractional CTO, gaining high-level expertise without the cost of a full-time executive. Larger organisations or those undergoing significant transitions might require a full-time CTO for dedicated leadership. We are always happy to have these conversations and help companies find the right option for them.

How much does a fractional CTO cost?

The cost of a fractional CTO varies based on the engagement scope, the complexity of the tasks, and the duration of the engagement. Unlike a full-time CTO, a fractional CTO provides flexibility, allowing you to control costs by paying for only the services you need. Generally, this option is more cost-effective than hiring a full-time executive, especially for small to mid-sized businesses or short-term projects.

How does a Whitesmith CTO integrate with existing teams and workflows?

Integration is an area where we are proud to excel at Whitesmith. We’re able to integrate seamlessly with teams thanks to the ways we learn and learn from the culture, processes, style and goals of every team we work in. Effective communication and a collaborative approach are key to their integration, ensuring they add value without disrupting existing workflows.

What is the average duration of engagement for a Fractional CTO?

The duration of engagement for a Fractional CTO can vary widely based on the company’s needs. Typically, engagements can range from a few months to over a year. The flexibility of this model allows companies to extend or shorten the engagement period as their needs evolve, making it a highly adaptable solution for businesses in various stages of growth or change.

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