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We are a small family with big adventures. We have the one that tells dad jokes, the other that just keeps observing everyone, and that person who is always travelling and only shows up for the big events. But at the end of the day, we work hard to build great products for great clients.

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Being us

We are a tightly knit team of super passionate people who care deeply about creating a better and more sustainable environment for people to live and work in. We get really excited about tech for good, wellbeing, future of work, sustainability, climate and mobility (to name a few) and we made a conscious decision to focus our energy on working with companies that decide they want to really be impactful in these areas too.

Composed of a perfect blend of nationalities, we are united by our love of storytelling which plays out in variously shared obsessions of music, gaming and most things streamable. Though you’re very likely to hear us talking about growing our own vegetables (we have a dedicated #regen slack channel).

More About Us
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A smooth process

Our hiring process usually consists of three stages. The first interview is meant for us to get to know each other and understand if we are a good fit.

The second interview is usually done with a technical person from the area you are applying to and is meant to confirm you are the person we are looking for, both in terms of skills and expertise level.

The third and final step is a technical exercise where you’ll be asked to complete a task similar to what will be expected from you in your day-to-day at Whitesmith.

A world of open doors

Every month you will have a 1on1 with your Growth Track Manager, Project Manager or Head of People. In these syncs we aim to understand how you are doing and what you want to do moving forward.

We don’t think people should be stuck to a role, so we try to be flexible and give space for exploration and growth whenever possible. Whether you want to specialise in a craft, lead a team or switch tracks completely, we are here open to listen to you.

Perks and Benefits

  • Unlimited holidays
  • Health insurance
  • Profits distribution
  • Quarterly budget for learning purposes
  • People-first company
  • Remote working & flexible schedule
  • 2 company retreats per year
  • Team “get-togethers” remote & in person

Open Positions

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We currently don’t have any open positions. Keep an eye on this page and on our socials for new openings!
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Whitesmith Team

Meet the Team!

We’re passionate geeks dedicated to building great products.