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AI Engineering and Development Teams.

AI is being used to transform businesses and put at the core of a new generation of AI and LLM powered apps, services and platforms. End users are coming to expect AI functionality and boards expect the efficiencies it offers. However, the demand for developers and engineers with AI experience makes hiring AI focused teams both slow and expensive. Whitesmith has high-performance AI teams and outstanding individual engineers ready to solve that challenge.

Fractional / Full-Time AI Developers & Interim AI Engineering Teams

Whitesmith has always been at the forefront of new technologies and we’ve been working with AI since the new generation of tools arrived in 2022. It’s native to the way we work internally and we’ve proven expertise in utilising AI and language models like GPT-4, Claude and Gemini in the products that we build.
We can supply the AI expertise your organisation needs in a way that is timely, affordable and flexible to your needs. From single fractional specialist to turnkey full-time team, we can provide the right resource to deliver your AI engineering needs.

AI Powered Products

We cut our teeth on products, working with startups to rapidly launch successful products and accelerate product market fit through technical leadership and embedded product and engineering teams. Whether you are building an AI App, or looking to harness the power of AI as a component of a larger system, we can supply the specialist talent that not only gets that done more quickly, but increases your chance of commercial success.

AI Optimised Businesses

AI can truly transform business operations, both through the automation of mundane tasks and by uncovering data-driven insights. Many businesses can already see areas where AI can give them an edge through increased efficiency, accuracy, insight and agility, but lack the expertise in this new field to realise the benefits. Whitesmith AI engineering teams rapidly close that gap and deliver the edge that AI offers.

Why Whitesmith?

We’ve been building great products and solving technical challenges since 2012 and have used AI as part of our toolset since the very start of the LLM explosion. Our teams have proven expertise with AI and equally proven experience in quickly integrating with organisations, increasing capacity, delivering additional expertise or transforming their own systems. We’ve honed our own process and model for over a decade to deliver expertise, capability and value.

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Yet to be convinced? Read our case studies for examples of where AI Engineering and Development Teams helped transform the businesses we worked with.

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Questions about AI Engineering Teams

Why should I use specialist AI Engineers? Won’t they cost more than generalist developers?

Developers are used to accessing documentation and adapting to any system, so it is easy to assume that the same applies to working with generative AI and Large Language models. Our experience is that this isn’t the case. Working with generative AI means knowing the best models for each use case and how to get the most out of them through prompt engineering. Whitesmith developers don’t just know how to use the APIs, but have learned how to get the most out of the system by being hands on with them.
We don’t charge extra for this experience either. AI is native to the way we work and this is part of the skillset built into our whole team.

Why shouldn’t I just build my own AI engineering team?

It will often make sense to build your own dedicated team for longer term projects, but that doesn’t make it easy. These skills are in high demand, but slow to learn well, meaning that experienced AI developers are difficult to find and expensive to hire. Whitesmith can solve this issue with Interim AI teams that bridge the gap until you build your own.
For shorter term, or less involved projects, the challenge of building your own team can be harder still, with good developers being hard to tempt away from more sustained work. In these instances, Whitesmith can provide short-term AI teams or fractional engineers.

How would an AI engineer streamline my business?

We don’t just work on AI powered products. Business leaders are becoming more aware of the benefits to be had by using AI to automate, improve or surface additional insights from parts of their business. Many leaders already know where AI could benefit them, but need specific AI development and prompt engineering experience to deliver the improvements. A Whitesmith AI Engineer, or even Chief AI Officer can bring those skills.

How much do AI Engineering teams cost?

Whitesmith offers a flexible approach to suit all businesses and the cost depends on how much resource is required and the mix of skills and experience needed. We can help you find a solution to fit your budget, from a single developer working on a fractional basis for a limited duration, to a full-blown full-time team working longer term. We can give you more specifics once you tell us more about your requirements.

How does your team stay ahead in this fast-moving field?

We encourage both experimentation with, and practical application of AI in all areas of the company and track how the team is using the tools and what benefits they gain from them as part of our core reporting. We also build our own AI-enabled products (both internal and external), allowing us to push ourselves in directions ahead of where client projects are taking us.

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