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Inclusive Communication

Replacing a legacy system with a future-ready purpose built product for market


A core element of the customer service offering relied upon a customised, off-the-shelf product which inhibited the client from growing and developing the product towards customers’ changing needs.
This imposed severe limitations on the client’s ability to onboard new customers and compete.


We took the lead on building a new product to empower service teams and prepare the growth of the business.

The client had an idea of the need for the solution, which we validated and refined through our customer-centred design process. Balancing impact and speed of execution into the market to determine the key focus for the initial product.

Inclusive Communication

This process was embedded to allow the business to continue to understand their customers and address needs in an insight led, iterative cycle of development they could own.

We created an autonomous role to own design decisions for the product by a Whitesmith team member and dramatically increase the quality of the experience for customers.

The architecture, design and technical foundations were put in place to expand and adapt their offering whilst supporting significant growth.


Our collaboration allowed the business to continue growing and increasing its impact as an equal opportunities employer, offering more jobs to underrepresented groups such as women, people with disabilities, BAME, and LGBT+.

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