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Evolving a POC into a loved product and establishing strategic foundations for scale


We worked with a Pre-Series A startup with fantastic traction that had a pieced together 3rd-party POC product without technical foundations, to develop a consumer product which they could scale. The client also needed to prepare for an initial fund raise.


Our first step was to understand the product and market fit through the functional and emotional connections customers had with the problem and the product, in order to strengthen them through strategy and product development.

We helped them attain a deep understanding of their customers’ motivations around the product, applying strategic product thinking. And also laid the infrastructure and technical foundations to sustain growth ambitions.

Learning Creativity Online

A blended team was created between the client & Whitesmith, with us holding key roles in customer-centred design, leading the UX/UI to own the customer and insight, and leading product development.

The customers’ motivations were matched with company objectives and we created a roadmap to build a sustainable future for the company.
This combination of strong positioning and foundations for growth helped towards raising a significant round of financing.


With the embedded way of working and new processes the company continues to add value to the customer through the product in sync with company goals.

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