Keeping our team safe at home

Keeping our team safe at home

We have been working remotely since the beginning of our company. In the last 8 years, we improved a lot on this department but in situations like this there are always relevant things to remind and communicate again.

Below you can see a list of tips specially curated by our team!

Follow your routine

Routine, routine, routine. Try to get up around the same time every day, with maybe an extra few minutes (or more) of relaxing in bed, if that’s the sort of thing you enjoy. Some people check the news first, others get out of bed and do some yoga, pilates, or meditation to get their day started. Whatever does it for you, get moving. If it’s a work day taking a shower and putting some clothes in the morning helps with triggering the mental work mode possible.

At Work

Avoid working from your bedroom, to establish a separation between sleep/rest and work. Remind yourself to get up and stretch a bit sometimes. Make sure your work setup is good for your body and posture. Avoid couches and beds, at least for the majority of the time.

We can still work together

Let’s all join, our virtually HQ, to help with some loneliness feeling that we might have, and to have a daily look on our beautiful faces. We can even schedule some thematic days! If you have any idea go for it.

Avoid working extra hours

While being home all day long, it is easy to end up working more hours than usual. Instead, ensure you have some good hours of deep work, with some breaks in between, and turn off completely after for example a maximum of 8 hours of work.

Qombibios aka Teambuilding

Whenever you want, if you feel like wanting to play a game, drink a beer or a coffee or a juice, just talk, etc, create a zoom talk and invite people. There will always be someone around.

Try to schedule some teambuilding time with your team at least once or twice a week, it can be just to talk or to play something together!

Collective lunch on Fridays

At Whitesmith we always have Lunch-n-Learns on Friday, where basically we have lunch together and someone talks about a topic that they want, it can be a new skill or something that they enjoy and want to share. We’re are still keeping this tradition with everyone remote and it’s a nice way to keep everyone in touch

Keep slack active

Communication is key on this moments! So, even if it’s just a stupid video that made you laugh or you want to share how was your day just do it! :)


Take care of your body

Try to do some exercise everyday. If you feel lost, ask for help!

Here are some links and ideas for workouts 💪🏻 For quick links here is Les Mills at home workouts, instagram account for at home workouts, Salgueiro quarentena playlist.
If you prefer some yoga here is a playlist of yoga sessions for some meditation you can use apps as Insight Timer (free), headspace, calm and even better optimize!

Take breaks from your working areas

Don’t spend all day working. Leave your desk a few times during the day. And if possible, leave your smartphone on the desk :)

Invest in yourself during spare time

You will have a lot of free time. Read, write, meditate, cook, listen to music and podcasts, clean your room, run, workout, talk with your friends and family, etc. Invest that time wisely. Do whatever makes you feel happier.

No… no… I clean

Cleaning and organizing, has its virtues. Go through the bookshelves and thin out your collection, get rid of old board games, get ruthless in the closet and donate anything that hasn’t been worn in the last one or two years. Then organize your kitchen and re-arrange your furniture.

Ask for help if you are not feeling well

It is perfectly normal if you start feeling lonely, worried, anxious, etc. If you feel you need help ask for it, and we’ll sort it out.

Be kind

It is well-known that being kind is good for your health. Be kind to your family, your friends, your colleagues, your neighbours, your community.

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay strong. You are not alone, and we’ll get through this together.

Share with us your tips too and let us know if there’s anything we can help you with.


Mariana Cerveira

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