Whitesmith's  home office setup

Whitesmith's home office setup

Even though we have been a remote company since the beginning, we never had a fully remote team, so some of us had to adapt and create a good working setup at home.

We were inspired by Basecamp’s blogpost showing off their home office desks, so we decided to show ours too!

Here are our remote working setups in no particular order:

Gonçalo Louzada, CEO

Miguel Tavares, Head of Growth

Beatriz Beato, Designer

Marta Pais, Data Scientist

Diogo Laginha, Developer

Daniel Lopes, Product Lead

Samuel Moreira, Developer

Alexandra Grancho, Designer

Rui Magalhães, Mobile Developer

Maria João, Head of Operations

Diogo Lucas, Developer

Pedro Janeiro, Developer

Ricardo Pereira, Mobile Developer

Tomás Marques, Interaction Designer

João Nogueira, Product Lead

João Marques, Designer

João Barbosa, Developer

Mariana Cerveira, Operations

Unfortunately none of us has an amazing view like Basecamp’s CTO but we got some pretty cool setups! What’s your favorite desk? Share it with us on instagram and send your own home office at the moment.

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Mariana Cerveira

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