Blog’s Guidelines

Blog’s Guidelines

by Whitesmith -

As a first blog post, we thought it would be a good idea to write our own blog guidelines. This help us keep in mind what is meaningful to publish, and for you to know what you can expect from us.


Teach something

At every post, we will strive to teach you something valuable, based on our work experiences. It could be some coding or workflow best practices, a simple hack, or our opinion about recent developments on our field and ecosystem, that we think are worth presenting to you.

Make it clear and simple

We don’t want to show you how many obscure words we know, we want to pass you our message. So we will use simple language, and make sure we put it in an understandable way – be it in the form of text, video, presentation, or every other appropriate format that we are in the mood for. To help it, we will add some beautiful images and pretty quotes. Sometimes they will make you laugh too.

Encourage thinking and discussion

We believe that new thoughts and the best solutions flourish from exchanging opinions. There are not definite answers, and sometimes, a great question with a demarcated thought it’s a great start to break the status quo and promote innovation.

Share it, and make it personal

Naturally, we believe that by sharing we can make a better world. So, apart to tell you our experiences, learned lessons, and our most recent developments, we will struggle to show you the most amazing content we find on the interwebs, plus a personal touch and twist of ours. Always with a personal touch.



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