First Ruby Meetup in Coimbra

First Ruby Meetup in Coimbra

by Whitesmith -

Last week we organized the first Ruby Meetup in Coimbra. The community showed up with interesting talks and a good attendance for a first edition, so we are going to make a new one next month on the 15th of November. Check out below what we covered on this edition.

5 Gems I Love

Pedro Gaspar, Bundlr talked about 5 gems he loves.

How I cook with capistrano

Our own cook, Jorge Santos talked about how his recipes help us provisioning servers and deploying apps in a fast and simple way

Powering your infrastructure with Ruby

Tiago Macedo talked about running your infrastructure with multiple ruby-based tools, such as chef

Clean Code

From Group Buddies, Luis Zamith talked about how to achieve cleaner and better code.

You can check the slides in pdf.

See you on next edition!



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