11 Years of Whitesmith

11 Years of Whitesmith

Whitesmith turns 11 today!

It’s a lucky coincidence that our company was founded on March 14, the day of Einstein’s birthday and the day nicknamed “Pi Day”. An anniversary like that is a cause for celebration - looking back at what we’ve built so far and where we are heading.

For 11 years, we’ve been creating digital products for our amazing clients, from tech startups to non-profit organizations and more. We’ve also built our own blockchain studio, our sister company Blocksmith. We are so proud to be a diverse, multicultural team of good people who care about each other and those around us. We strive to become the future of work and help others become it as well.

In the words of our founder, Rafael Jegundo: “Wealth feeds community, which nourishes society which generates wealth”. We want to continue building products that answer actual needs and serve a good purpose, keep growing our business and growing stronger as people, so that we can support our communities and the causes we believe in. And we always remember to pause, appreciate, and celebrate everything we can be proud of.

Keep shipping! Here’s to another 11 years and more.

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Natasza Jasinska

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