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The Opportunity

Supazaar came about through the need of theatres to hire, rather than buy, props and costumes for shows. The whole hiring business is still very much hands-on, due to the multiple layers that exist between suppliers and customers. In fact, it’s somewhat lagged behind the whole e-commerce trend, which for a long time now has embraced new technologies to improve the user experience and increase efficiencies and profits.

How We Helped

Our challenge was to build a hiring platform that was elegant, easy to use, and that aggregated multiple suppliers into a single place. It was imperative that retailers were able to list their products alongside other attributes such as stock, categories and pricing. And of course, it was crucial that the customer experience was seamless, useful and helpful.

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Finding the common denominator

In the hiring world, each supplier has its own unique business practices: different hiring, deposit and cancellation policies, different pricing models, even different product attributes.

We had to balance the standardisation of all of these practices with the flexibility that the retailers and customers would obviously need.

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Iterating the MVP

Payments were crucial to the platform and the customer experience demanded a seamless payments process. So on a second iteration to the original product, we integrated the Stripe payments solution into Supazaar.

This innovative solution allowed us to take into account the various price factors, including how many and when the payments would take place. Not only did this require back-end changes, but it also meant important updates to the user experience, such as adjusting the Delivery settings to account for different boroughs and zones.

It was a major milestone achieved with a successful and stable release!

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