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From idea to working product that secured a place with a leading accelerator.

About the Client

Mishe is a platform that provides seamless and direct access to quality healthcare.
Their mission is to promote better patient care through improved practices.

The Opportunity

In 2020, we helped Mishe, a healthcare network platform, turn their idea into a working product. They wanted to connect patients directly with doctors using transparent pricing and interest- free financing. In short, Whitesmith developed the first version of their product.

How We Helped

Mishe came to us early on in their journey, with an idea and without wireframes or a roadmap. We built the initial framework for their platform, turning their vision into a functional tool. This wasn't just a prototype, but a working platform that could process transactions and provide a full demo, which was very appreciated by doctors who always have time constraints.

Musicians on Call

"Without the platform, we wouldn't have had that initial traction...
Whitesmith definitely laid the foundation for where we are today."

Sidney Haitoff, CEO Mishe

This initial product was key to Mishe's early traction in mid to late 2021. It helped them show a working tool to doctors, gaining market insights and building on top of the original platform. Ultimately, as they say themselves, our work helped Mishe secure a spot at Techstars accelerator, positioning them well for further growth and investment.






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