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The Opportunity

The team behind GridBid - Matt and Max - had been working in the US energy market for a while when they started to notice a real gap in how customers were managing their supplier choices. Over time, they became increasingly frustrated by the arduous process that businesses had to go through - it was archaic and manual, very stop/start and overall a poor experience for the customer. Their vision was to create an online marketplace where business owners could compare energy prices, forecast usage and costs, and even sign contracts. It was designed to make the whole customer experience more enjoyable, but also to put more control and transparency in the customers’ hands. Not only that, but it would help the ‘brokers’ involved in the process too - by automating some simple tasks, they’re able to offer more competitive prices and speed up the contract process.

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How We Helped

After interviewing and vetting a number of potential digital partners, the GridBid team chose Whitesmith to build them their app - they really liked our portfolio of work and felt we were a great cultural fit too. Having now worked together for over a year, the GridBid and Whitesmith teams are really in sync. From a list of features, a full product has been developed that has turned the original idea into an all-singing, all-dancing reality.

GridBid have benefitted from a small but experienced team who have been through the process before and who are able to add real business value to the features, design and user flow. It’s something that the GridBid team really appreciates in getting them to a product that’s both marketable and usable for the customer.

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More informed energy choices

The ultimate goal is that businesses in Texas, and eventually across the US, get a better experience when choosing an energy supplier. The GridBid app does just that - with the ability to search local plans, see averages and estimate costs, it’s designed to put all the information the business needs in one place, and in a really user-friendly, clean design format too. The buttons are even designed like power buttons that you’d see on actual appliances!

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No more lengthy contract processes

Not only does the GridBid app show price and supplier comparisons, but it also allows customers to sign contacts, there and then in the app! The seamless process cuts down on unnecessary back-and-forth and even helps them offer better pricing through a quicker, automated workflow.

Having now built a stable and completely bug-free commercial app, the GridBid team are gearing up for a full launch this year, with plans to then take the product into the residential market too to help consumers benefit from the same approach.

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