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EDP Re:dy

EDP Re:dy

Helping customers control their energy spend better

The Opportunity

edp, a global energy company and leader in the utilities sector, had already been working on edp re:dy for a couple of years. It’s an innovative dashboard system designed to help customers connect and control their homes, whenever and wherever they want. An edp re:dy box is connected directly to the customer’s smart meter and provides a tonne of information regarding their energy consumption. All this information is then transformed into actionable insights so that customers can optimise their consumption based on monthly energy reports.

The opportunity for edp was in making customers more aware of the edp re:dy service so that they could get better control over their energy spend. The edp marketing team asked Whitesmith to help.

EDP Re:dy report

How We Helped

To start off, we spent valuable time understanding how the team wanted to be more in touch with their customers and to provide them with really useful information. We had to balance the team’s requirement to create customisable newsletters and reports, with the customers’ need to receive attractive, useful and straightforward content.

Newsletters don’t have to be annoying!

When it comes to newsletters, they don’t have to be annoying and spammy - our ethos was very much about building something simple and valuable to the user.

So we designed a summary energy report, as well as lots of easy to navigate insights that the customer would find useful.

This simplicity was also reflected in the newsletter creation process itself - so that the team could customise the content with different types of modular blocks and CTA’s.

EDP Re:dy report

Interactive reports

The existing reports were complex and hard to read, so we transformed them into interactive reports with easy-to-read graphics and personalised information based on the customer’s preferences and the energy products they have.

Depending on the energy data, the team can also send recommendations to the customer on what tariff to pick or how to optimise their consumption hours.

EDP Re:dy report

Insightful analytics

The work would not be complete without the analytics that the edp team now have on all the newsletters and reports they send out.

To facilitate this, we built an analytics platform from scratch and completely tailor-made, bringing together information from Google Analytics, mixpanel and SendGrid and displaying all the relevant data in one place for the team to take advantage of.


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