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Create Academy

Turning an MVP into a successful product attracting $1.9 million in investment.

About the Client

Create Academy is a learning platform that builds creative confidence and makes learning a joy through thoughtfully curated video courses and access to the expertise of leading figures in food, interiors, decorative arts and gardening.


Create Academy needed to move from MVP on a third party platform to a mature product that would support their funding goals. Whitesmith provided a full interim start-up team to accelerate development and deliver a product that would take Create Academy to their next raise.


raised in investment


Building the MVP on an existing learning platform had allowed Create Academy to launch and prove the product, but made it difficult to create and retain value. Create Academy needed a platform that would scale with them and allow them to build a product with lasting value.


Whitesmith embedded a fully-functioning interim product team focused on transforming Create Academy into a Product Led Growth Company. A new business strategy was developed and aligned with a product strategy informed by feedback from critical product-focused metrics such as retention, sales performance, and conversion.


The partnership of Whitesmith and Create Academy helped transform the company. Barriers to growth were removed and LTV increased by +26% YoY. Consequently, Create Academy has successfully secured the investment they sought and are now building their internal team to support their continued success.


Create Academy




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