Accept card payments straight from your phone

Organized businesses

The goal was to fit the functionalities that make SmartTrade a great product on a simple and easy to use mobile experience.

Professionals can carry on their pockets detailed information about the jobs that they have scheduled and the entire list of customers that they can associate with jobs.

From the app is also possible to generate quotes for jobs and even fill invoices on the go. The online dashboard then gathers all of this data and adds analytics functionalities to give business owners a better understanding of the whole operation.

Data always with the user

Since the app was to be used by professionals in their every day workplaces and routines, it needed to have all of its data available everytime and everywhere regardless of the network connection that the device could reach.

That challenge was solved with the integration of CouchBase, a data platform that allows syncing between mobile devices and a remote server. We then could easily let the user do the tasks on the mobile apps and sync everything when an internet connection became available. This brought an incredible flexibility to the app and the user loved it.

Easy payments

The ability to accept payments right on the app is probably the strongest feature of SmartTrade.

Professionals using the app can register payments made in cash or send paylink information over via email. Card payments, however, is where the app really shines. Accepting a card payment is super simple thanks to the integration of OCR card scanners and Stripe payment solutions.

Professionals using the app just need to scan the customer’s card and, through a very safe process, charge the amount for the job.


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