The best way to start the year

This January we had another of our team get-togethers, where everyone in the company traveled to a small village in the middle of Portugal f

Bringing the team closer  -  every week

Once a week, a very friendly bot picks a Whitesmithian at random to plan an event where the team can gather and do something fun. This is wh

Before and After: Stories of a Summersmith

Before I mislead you, let me clarify that Whitesmith didn't change at all. I mean, we have a new office and shiny new furniture and we also

Birth... Week!

As we already made public several times, Whitesmith is a company that embraces who decides to work remotely the same way as who prefers to c

One Company, No Internet, Full retreat

Friday morning, everyone gathered around our HQ. Bags, guitars, a keyboard, games, food were split across cars, our team distributed, and we