ARKit introduction

Apple has announced at WWDC17 a new iOS framework called ARKit. It's a framework that "allows you to easily create unparalleled augmented re

Control what you're sharing

Have you ever needed to share an image on iOS? In general, if you want to share a document you might want to use a UIDocumentInteractionCont

How we use Fastlane

If you already know me or if you paid attention to our blog, we use Fastlane a lot to automate some iOS development processes. I wrote about

Safe segues in Storyboards

This article is ❄️❄️❄️ ... or not! I will talk about our Qold® mobile app and how it was built using Storyboards. I hope that you know alrea

iOS Interfaces with Xcode Playgrounds

We all love great interfaces, right? Nice designs, great colors, some crazy effects and so on. Well, on iOS we have several ways to build th

Build mobile cross-automation with Fastlane

At Whitesmith, we like to get quality right from the first time and to guarantee that we use some common practices that have gained a lot of