Whitesmith Summer Internship 2015

Whitesmith Summer Internship 2015

We are proud to announce our first official Summer Internship program.

The applications are open, and you can apply here until 30th of June.

Who can apply?

Our Summer Internship is targeted at students or recent graduates of all ages and backgrounds. You don’t need to be studying Computer Science or Electrical Engineering to apply, but you must know the basics of programming.

What type of projects do you have for me? What will I do?

We have a list of projects from which you can choose to work on. These range from dealing with technologies such as Ember.js, Angular.js, Ruby on Rails, and Docker, to building hardware prototypes using sensors, Arduinos and Raspberry Pis.

You will either build real features for web apps from our current clients or join one of our product teams - Unplugg or Qold - on an important role to move the products further.

The project will be decided according to your preferences, to make sure that you work on something challenging and meaningful for yourself. The goal is that, at the end of this Summer Internship, you’ll learn while building something important for all of us.

Besides technology, what more should I expect to learn?

A Goodfella (one of us) will be responsible to not only help you with tech stuff but also teach you some of our Code Best Practices and Agile Methodologies.

Also, every Friday we have our Lunch-n-Learns, where one of us makes a presentation to share some knowledge (tech or not) with the rest of Whitesmith.

Will I receive any type of allowance?

Yes! Don’t expect to become rich yet, but we’ll pay you a monthly allowance.

What will be my time schedule?

You will define your own time schedule. You can choose work from 10h to 19h, or from 14h to 23h, or whatever. The important things are that you get your work done, and your schedule stays more or less constant during your internship (this is important so that teammates know when they can count on you).

What if I’m not able to be present in person at Whitesmith’s office?

We are remote friendly - every project uses tools that let you work from any place of the world (Github, Trello, Slack, Hangouts etc).

In case you work with hardware, you may either need to come to the office sometimes, or bring the hardware to your place so that you can do your magic there.

It’s ok if I take some vacations during the internship?

Sure. Let’s just, at the beginning of the internship, schedule those days so that everything goes perfectly. Your allowance will be adapted accordingly.

When will I start?

6th of July. The internship will go up to September (date to be defined with you).

Is this all about working, or will we have some fun too?

First of all, you should enjoy working at Whitesmith as much as we do. I’m proud to say that we do have a great team and environment. Of course, sometimes we have hard or painful challenges, but having this team makes things much easier. (If any company tells you that you’ll have a smile in your face 100% of the time, that’s a lie or a sign that you’ll be doing drugs, or both.)

Plus enjoying our good work environment, you’ll be invited to join us on our Qombibios - football matches, quizzes, and barbecues (for meat lovers and vegans too) are among the activities we have.

Until when can I apply?

The applications will close on the 30th of June. You should hurry up, and apply here!

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Daniel F Lopes

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