RubyCritic's newest team - revamping code quality analysis

RubyCritic's newest team - revamping code quality analysis

by Nuno -

RubyCritic is an open-source gem that wraps around static analysis gems such as Reek, Flay and Flog to provide a quality report of your Ruby code. It was developed originally by Guilherme Simões at Whitesmith and had its first release in March 2014.


Since then it has reached some popularity among rubyists with 1000+ stars on Github and the community is bringing in quite a few valuable contributions, which is always heart-warming to see how much they care about.

Unfortunately, life does go on and Guilherme started to lack the time or energy required to keep this project going on. Since March 2015 that no updates were released despite the continued interest from the community.

Last week we got together and decided to pass this on to someone else. Since we at Whitesmith consider this as one of our “childs” we wanted someone of us to keep on with it. And so I stretched my fingers and got in charge of taking good care of it. Coincidently (really on the same day we decided this) Timo Rößner contacted us asking about the state of RubyCritic and offering for maintaining it. A few days later, by indication of Timo, we also got Lucas Mazza on board!

We have already released versions 2.0 and 2.1 of RubyCritic that address some of the most critical problems: we dropped support for Ruby 1.9 that will allow us to focus more on current standard Ruby versions and the upcoming version 2.3; and we updated the dependencies on Flay, Reek and Flog so that RubyCritic keeps in sync with the tools it relies on.

You can expect for some of the hot & cool feature requests, such as global score and progress indicator, to be merged in during the following weeks.

We’d like to thank Timo and Lucas again for participating in this and, as always, any contributions are most welcome!

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