Whitesmith on Product Validation

Whitesmith on Product Validation

Your ultimate guide to create products that people want

For a long time, people have built products which took months or years to develop and cost thousands or millions of dollars, to further realise that they were building the wrong thing.

In the most recent years, companies have been shifting to a lean approach to validate the product way before launching it to market. By going lean, companies use the least quantity of resources possible (read: time, money and effort) to figure out what they’re going to build and how. More specifically, they try to answer the following fundamental questions still when the Product is being conceptualized:

  • Problem Validation: Is the product going to solve an existent problem? Is it worth solving?
  • Market Validation: Does it have a market?
  • Solution Validation: Is it going to solve the problem the right way?
  • Price Validation: Are people willing to pay the price you want/need to set?

The first questions are more important to answer first than the later since the last ones require more resources to validate. Nonetheless, none of them are isolated from each other, and you’ll probably gather relevant data to answer the later questions while tackling the former, and vice-versa.

There are various techniques that we can use to answer these key questions, and that’s the first thing we’re going to explore in this guide.

We’re going to keep updating this guide and possibly releasing a few more on adjacent topics.

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Daniel F Lopes

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