Oskar Kalmaru from Narrative on releasing a successfull Kickstarter campaign

Daniel F Lopes

Oskar Kalmaru is the CMO of Narrative (previously Memoto) - a pioneer product in the area of self-tracking, which consists in wearable camera that takes geotagged photos every 30 seconds, giving you a searchable and shareable photographic memory.


Narrative is a good example of a company that has successfully released a Kickstarter campaign, and about which you will be able to hear about in the interview. Oskar also tells us about how, from Sweden, they raised funding from a San Francisco venture, and what he thinks about Google Glass as competition.

[0m20s] What you do at Narrative? What’s your background?
[1m20s] What does Narrative consist on? What’s its vision?
[3m20s] Why do you believe your product is important for people?
[6m40s] When did you started? And what where some of the problems along the way?
[9m20s] Why do you believe to be the reasons behind the successful kickstarted campaign?
[13m00s] How difficult was to a Swedish based company to get funding from a San Francisco venture?
[14m20s] But how did you reached them? Through email? Through other people?
[15m20s] What are the reasons behind the change of your name?
[16m30s] How do you see the competion? such as Google Glass?

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