Our open source projects

Our open source projects

Open source plays a big role in our process since we rely on a lot of projects to build our products and to help on our client’s work. We believe that is very important for us to give back as well. That ends up being perfect for us cause we get precious external help and input that helps to improve in ways that we could never achieve having the projects closed.

Let’s go through the most important open source projects we started and help maintain.


Rubycritic was our first serious open-source project. Guilherme started a few years ago and it has been growing with the help of the community. Rubycritic evaluates and reports the quality of your ruby code. It can identify smells in your code and help you write it in a clearer and simpler way, following a set of best practices. You can learn more about the project on the GitHub repo.



Hawkpost was born out of our necessity of sharing secrets with our clients in a secure and simple way. Hawkpost solves this in an elegant way, the holder of the secret can put them on a virtual box that gets encrypted and only the owner of that box can decrypt. By having the project open sourced we are getting the transparency and trust that, we believe, is essential for a project of this nature. Hawkpost is still actively developed by us and we have been lucky to get the help of some contributors too. Hawkpost is hosted here but you can deploy your own instance. Find more on GitHub!

Landing Page


WsTagsField was created as a module for an app that we were developing and we ended up making a library out of it. It is, like the name says, a field to input multiple tags. It’s written in swift and intended to iOS apps. The community loved the project and we have a couple of friends helping us improving the library. You can see it in action and know a bit more on the GitHub repo.



Following the pattern of WSTagField, WSLogger is also a library that was branched out of a project that we had going on. The library provides a customisable way of logging stuff on iOS applications. Is simple yet very useful, know a bit more on GitHub.


Qnorr is a starter kit for static websites. It will give you nice things as a responsive boilerplate, sass handling, handlebars templating and much more, all out of the box. The idea is cutting down the effort of setting up all the work that the kit will do for you, allowing you to focus right away on the content that you want to show and how you want to show it. Check the project and try it out on (you guessed it) the GitHub repo.


This is a demo that we developed to put our hands on the iOS ARKit. It basically measures small distances on the physical world using the ARKit library. The project was made to go along with a blog post explaining our first adventures into the world of augmented reality and it had pretty good feedback from the community. Check out the blog post and the code for the demo itself.

Watch the demo

More good stuff

We have a couple of older projects that are still very much worth mentioning:

  • Sidekiq Worker Stats: stores data like start and stop time, runtime and memory of sidekiq workers that can be later analysed
  • saferpay-gem: a ruby API wrapper for Saferpay
  • Meteor Motion: Rubymotion Wrapper for communication with Meteor apps

We encourage you to work with us and contribute to any of these projects and others that are available on our GitHub page. Keep those pull requests coming!

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Rui Magalhães

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