Mixed reality, from A to V #6

Mixed reality, from A to V #6

Well hello once again my fellow MR enthusiasts. Ready for another edition of MR Weekly? This edition contains a lot of tutorials and learning contents so, dive ahead!

Show and Tell

We really live in a world where there’s everything huh? Who wouldn’t want to defeat the famous Marshmallow man? Or be face to face with the classic Slimer? I know I would! I really think this is a see it to believe it type of thing. If the reviews on the video don’t convince you to try it out, I’m sure the game footage will. It’s bonkers!

To keep the bittersweetness on the 90’s kids mouths, I present to you…

Train with Goku himself for an unprecedented Kamehameha experience! With this game, you are able to enter the world of Dragonball and experience firsthand what it’s really like to generate a Kamehameha. Feel your body shake from the intensity!

Do you use pre-made 3D models in your VR ventures? Have you ever had problems with them not being as complete as you wish? Fear not, Google Blocks is here! It pretty much consists of a VR app that allows you to create 3D elements on your own. Not convinced? Check out this experiment. Also, if you want to view how your google blocks models look in reality and also AR, check BebLock out!

Did you hear about the eclipse of August 21st? It’s a quite amazing event, not only because it happens so little often, but also because it’s only visible in certain parts of the world. In order to end that gap, Google Earth VR allows you to experience this event in the comfort of your home. This functionality is obtained in the latest update, where you can find a menu function which allows you to activate the total solar eclipse which can be seen as it passed through 14 US states.

Tutorial Time

In a previous edition of MR Weekly, I mentioned that there was a very good library for equirectangular pics in flickr. However, if you want to create your own textures, that can be done in blender.

On the other hand, if you use A-Frame and want to show your Facebook Friends your latest experiments, check this tutorial by Cwervo on How to use a-frame image for facebook 360.

For the AR lovers that got curious about Ricardo’s ARKit blog post, I found a similar one, but in Unity, called RulAR.

A-Frame Corner

Since I’ve become so invested in A-Frame, I’ve created this little section where I show some of the components I’ve discovered recently and thought were useful, or just plain awesome.

Here it is! My very first tutorial! It’s an A-Frame CrashCourse, for all the beginners out there. I talk about some tips, tricks and how to overcome common mistakes. Be sure to check it out. In case my tutorial got your senses tingling about new and upcoming MR experiments, I release and comment all my experiments in here, ordering them by complexity.

If you’d like your mouse to behave like the gaze cursor, use Mayognaise’s component. I think it’s specially useful if you want to trigger events on touch on mobile devices.

Also, one of the most recent material components out there is this. It allows you to give a mirror texture to your meshes.

Did you have any cool ideas we could give life to? Or do you have any questions? Please tell us! We’d be glad to hear from you.

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