Mixed reality, from A to V #5

Mixed reality, from A to V #5

Howdy fellows, welcome to another edition of thrilling and amazing Mixed Reality Content!


Tired of getting your head just a tad too warm while using a headset? Fear not! VivenChill is a cooling system for the Vive headset which blows air over your head. According to RoadtoVR ” the idea is that the solution dissipates heat from blood circulating around the rest of your face and, in theory, alleviating sweaty faces and foggy lenses whilst you’re immersed.”

And once, Google is just one step ahead. Taking on the teachings of GoPro, they created their own camera structure and 360 software, called JUMP. So far nothing new, right? The interesting thing is the marketing strategy. They promote this new product by inviting their YouTubers to produce VR content directly to Youtube, where it becomes a snowball of monkey see, monkey do. The more YouTubers use it, the more people come into contact with the platform and the more people use and so on.

Alphabet company group is on fire people! They just launched Youtube 180º 3D which, as the name implies, is a new video format that focuses on the FOV in front of you. This will allow creators on Youtube to make an immersive stereoscopic video without having concerns of the environment behind the camera. Besides that, it makes creating VR content easier to shoot for creators, because you can set your film/videos the same way that with your regular camera.

To end this news recap, I found this very interesting ad that shows how close we are from having MR in our very own homes. It also displays how VR can be used to bring people together, not apart.

###Show and Tell

ROSE COLORED is a dystopia, black mirror like 360 films. From start to finish I found it rather captivating, I was eager to explore my surroundings but also wanted to see what was happening in the main FOV. I was really glad to be able to experience the whole thing on Vimeo, it’s not that common in cinematic VR. I urge you to see it. It’s a dystopia, but it might not be so far from us like it seems.

Going into a different section of MR, Apple really knows how to sell something! The ARKit has been released not long ago, and millions of people are already playing and finding astonishing uses for it. Our very own Whitesmithian Ricardo Pereira just did a blog post on his own experiments. Check it out!

This video is, by far, the most interesting I found this week! It’s a video of a Youtuber unboxing what seems to be a common device for you to plug your phone and print photos. But while experimenting, he finds out it has some really cool AR capabilities.

###Tutorial Time

This Keyboard started from an idea initially developed by Google which was thrown away for them to continue with DayDream. NormalVR went ahead and created an open source VR keyboard to use with commands that started out with the idea of using “drumsticks” to play the keys

Here is an A-Frame project playing with sound. The best part is, they explain the whole process of creating it!

Did you create something? Go ahead and tell us about it!

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