Mixed Reality, from A to V #4

Mixed Reality, from A to V #4

Has it been 2 months already? Wow! I’d like to say I’m very grateful that you’ve been sticking around to read these blog posts. With that in mind, I plan to pay back with awesome content!

###Rewind Apple finally made the leap! Not only they announced a new iMac monster want but also, said the monster is capable of running and developing MR. Amazing, right? Check out this truly enlightening article by Road VR to read about ALL the new stuff.

Still, in the Apple universe, their ARKit’s tracking is off the charts! They must have put some major developers into this, and I think the hype around the kit is justified 100%. On another fantastic Road to VR article, see a sneak peak of what Apple’s new toy is capable of.

In Designing Facebook Spaces (Part 1) you get to read first hand the massive amount of teachings a VR expert has to offer. He tackles questions from “Who are we designing for?” and “What is the people problem we’re trying to solve?” to how did they do it, and with which platforms.

Being the Major Tech Giant they are, Google couldn’t fall behind, so they just announced WorldSenses, a headset with no need for cable or a PC, allowing you all the freedom of natural movement.

###Show and Tell

Is Assassin’s Creed VR the Future of Movies? In the Frame By Frame Youtube Channel, we’re able to imagine a not so distant future in which something like an Animus might help us experience the ultimate Cinematic VR Experience.

Are you a fan of shopping? We all know the little critters we can become in times of sales/discounts, worst of all in the Black Friday. Retailers, shaking already? Fear not! Here is a video of the Walmart VR Academy where retailers are trained to deal with the most common retail situations, Black Friday craziness included.

For all the adrenaline junkies out there, To the Top is a climbing game that makes your palms sweat and knees shiver. You get the chance to travel through diverse and challenging scenarios, whilst always having to be clinging to something, or you’ll certainly fall to your death. Seems fun huh?

Gorillaz Newest Videos are all in 360, and they are, amazing! This is one of the most interesting approaches of VR (in my opinion), where you know you are in a virtual environment, you are not immersed, but you still feel the need and curiosity to unwrap the tale happening right before your eyes.

Last, but certainly, not least is a teaser trailer for Spiderman Homecoming VR experience.

From what I’ve seen, not only has amazing graphics, but also a number of abilities you can perform make this into a unique and exciting experience. It’ll be an exclusive one as well, so if you get a chance to try it, please do tell!
###Tutorial Time

Since I’ve gotten into A-Frame VR I’ve encountered many wonderful and enlightening tutorials that accompanied by the A-Frame School will allow you to get into WebVR in no time! In First Steps into VR you can learn the basics of A-Frame whilst building a sort of maze-like game.

One of the things I’ve written about many times is how to deal with UI in VR. With Dat.Gui you can put your learnings to practice with the help of this tutorial which helps you apply a UI menu with several types of controllers in VR.

If you’re looking for some cool and high-quality 360 photos, I recommend checking Flickr’s section of equirectangular photos. If, on the other hand, you’d prefer to make your own, here’s a link that helps you go through several VR photo and video apps.

Have you bought a Daydream recently? Because if so, Codementor.io made a HUGE post about how to get started with programming for Daydream step by step, check it out!

Hope you enjoyed yet another edition! Have you created something? Then tell us about it. Go ahead and tweet your thoughts and requests!
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