Mixed reality, from A to V #3

Mixed reality, from A to V #3

Mochi Mochi MR enthusiasts! Ready for another flood of knowledge?


If you enjoy reading posts about the state of MR, I found a few more interesting ones.

In Who is taking care of designing reality? the author makes a statement about his point of view on reality and the future. Even though it’s not VR centered, I think it’s a good read for designers because it shows some interesting points of view on how we should approach and solve problems.

How to get into VR explains what VR is, how to approach it and even shows a few libraries where to start.

Another one for my fellow designers is Designing for VR | A Beginners Guide that guides you on the process of designing for VR, what to do, and what not to do, and what concepts should you understand in order to be able to see the big picture.

Show and Tell

Microsoft just released a prototype for AR glasses which could be mistaken for a regular pair of geeky glasses. What does this mean, you might ask? Well, I think it means they’re one step ahead of companies like Facebook and Apple (which have been promising it for months but have failed to deliver). Still, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not completely in favor of this kind of technology. Yes, I do believe it may pave the way for many advances, but also for aggravating the lack of privacy we already suffer nowadays.

On another note, VR is growing every day in the music business. The latest VR stunt was performed by Childish Gambino by releasing a limited edition of his album Awaken my Love.

For nature and animal lovers, I’ve created a small playlist of 360 videos for you to enjoy. From NatGeo to BirdLife International, you’ll be able to experience the amazing opportunities of walking with penguins, travel to the stratosphere, and much, much more!

Getting into my favourite section of AR (teaching), I found this really cool program by Google called Expeditions AR.

The program gives kids the possibility to do things such as watch live volcano eruptions, explore all the perspectives of DNA sequences, etc. By using Google Tango technology the cell phones scan and map the room and project 3D models. The existence of positional tracking is what allows the students to walk around the projections and experience them in any angle or distance.

Tutorial Time

Are you a fan of 360 videos? And Unity? Great! This is a medium Tutorial by freeCodeCamp where they teach you how to create your very own 360 VR app in only 10 Minutes! And it’s a great tutorial because it’s updated and goes step by step (which is hella helpful for newbies like you and me).

Going back to our younger selves: what was better than learning DIYs with Art Attack? If you think about it, programmers are the ultimate DIYers! With bits and pieces of one (or more) programming languages, we can do the most amazing things! And to prove us that Art Attack is always evolving, here is a clip of Wesley Allsbrook showing and explaining how it is to paint in VR. If you found this cool and you’re craving for more, they have a playlist just for this and there’ll be a new one every Wednesday.

Mozilla’s mission statement is to ensure that the Internet remains a global and public resource, accessible to all. With that in mind, they’ve been creating for the past three years a platform called A-Frame. It’s an open source framework for creating WebVr content that uses an entity-competent model which is very similar to Unity’s model. After you’ve tried it, if you find it interesting, join their slack channel to chat, make questions, or just learn from others!

Last but not least, here is a quick video on how you can play with Three.js and Leap Motion. Pretty cool right? If you’re curious about how it works out, here is the GitHub repo!

Hope you’ve enjoyed yet another edition of MR Weekly. Be sure to tweet your thoughts and requests!

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