December Monthly Gathering

December Monthly Gathering

by Rafael Jegundo -


During November we have been making some tunning to how we organize ourselves, defining and sharing more clearly some areas of responsibility and trying to give them more visibility.

We now have a Trello board with all the tribes and teams (each matching one area of responsibility of different scales) and a brief description of their purpose.

We also incentivize each tribe and team to add their own updates on our regular sync process like the company-wide weekly notes and our Monthly Gathering.

This comes from the understanding that to be more effective we still had to improve the definition of responsibility for each area. During the next few weeks, we will continue this process going through the different areas.

Related to this, we are also starting some internal functional training to help ensure that we operate in the different areas in a way that’s highly coherent to our vision and defined a path towards it.

Both of these things will likely have a big impact to improve our operational excellence over the next quarter and be an enabler of bigger goals.

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In November, we achieved 76k€ of 85k€ billables we wanted to achieve. Sales wise, we got 6 qualified deals of the goal of 9. We had 3 closed deals, 2 of them with rates higher.

Hustle has been increasing momentum month over month, even though is not that isn’t reflected yet in metrics.

December is slower due to Xmas, but number of opportunities are growing on average in good part because our constante presence in London.

For December, we traced the goals of achieving 85k€ of billables, 9 qualified deals, and 1 new deal closed won.


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There we're some novelties in November/early December regarding our IT endeavours.

We had a mentorship session (about React) to some of our members, mostly to help them kickstart their learning. We also started tracking some metrics about our IT and Product Cycle work (% of the team using their IT, % in Product Cycles, number of tech blog posts, of tech talks in the community, that sort of intel), that we hope will help us improve over the next months.

Also, a team of ours done the Quiz App for Coimbra's GDG Devfest, and it was a success, according to the participants \o/


Deats came to an end! It was a mixed feeling product cycle since it didn't go as well as we wanted but was a good learning experience for both the team and the company on how we can do it better.

We're now starting a new Product Cycle, Pick Your Nose, which is focused on finding out ways to rethink the way concerts and events are organised around the music industry, exploring concepts that are common in the tech/startup world but may not be that spread across that industry.


Marketing<div id="marketing" class="collapse">

November was a nice month, we achieved our goals in terms of blog posts (3/3) and the number of inbound contacts (3/4) was almost there.

Unfortunately, we were not able to organise the last edition of Digital meets Physical in Lisbon, as planned.

Finally, during the last few weeks, we have been working on some ideas and strategies about our positioning as a Product team. In order, to guarantee that all stakeholders are perceiving us in that way and not as a software house, which we aren't. We will share more about this shortly.


See you soon

After a year sharing our monthly updates, we will no longer continue with that, at least, in this format. We are still thinking how we will do it, however, if you want to stay up to date follow us on twitter or subscribe our newsletter.

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