Bringing the team closer  -  every week

Bringing the team closer  -  every week

by Rui Magalhães -

Once a week, a very friendly bot picks a Whitesmithian at random to plan an event where the team can gather and do something fun. This is why we do it.

Our culture

If you’re a reader of this blog you’ve probably noticed by now that we do care a lot about it. A company culture is as good as it’s spread across the entire team, and one very good way of improving this is letting people be together outside the everyday work scope.

We talk, discuss, play, fight about our football team, laugh. The communication gets better, we know each other better and what comes out of this is a more cohesive group, a better team.

This mindset is even more important for us due to our remote-first policy. Having our amazing remotes with us at these events gives a tremendous help keeping them close to the rest of the people that visit the office more frequently.

Debate club, pre-pokewalk and the good old karaoke

But what do you do exactly?

That’s the beauty of having one event planner randomly chosen every week, we end up doing lots of different stuff. Laser tag, debate clubs, pokewalks, a puzzle room at our own office, online gaming, etc. Different people know different stuff and will think about different things to do.

Of course, we still have our religious friday evenings where we finish the week around a few beers and we still do special things when we have relevant occasions or when we achieve major milestones, but these constant and diverse gatherings had already proven to be very valuable to us.

Let’s keep pushing them!

Whitesmith team having fun and a partly remote debate team


Rui Magalhães

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