We craft outstanding products, web and mobile.

Our full-stack team plans, designs and builds your new products from scratch, or pushes your existing one forward.

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What our clients say

"A really dedicated, hardworking and skilled team. They approach development as business rather than a set of development tasks, which means they provide solutions rather than blindly implementing without thought - that is rare and absolutely invaluable when making MVP. Whitesmith have a mature, agile process that's flexible to work around you can scale as required to make sure you meet your goals. Great team."

Paul Marshal, Cahootsy

SmartTrade welcomes part of its amazing dev team at the HQ as we gear up! Rafael, Joao and Rui. #DreamTeam"

Keld Van Schreven, SmartTrade

Whitesmith gave me a great help on the development of Meditation Finder’s app. They’re focused on the client, and are always available to answer any questions. They are detail oriented, do a lovely design, and meet the agreed deadlines. I’ll surely work with them again in the future.

Lara Pereira, Meditation Finder

What you get

Business oriented results

We're able to build robust code, aligned with your long-term business goals. That's because our team is made of players with both coding and business experience.

This will help your product succeed in your market, and find the most cost and time efficient solutions.

Agile development

As an agile team, we're able to quickly build your MVP. We focus on shipping useful software every week.

Your product adapted to your customers

Our workflow let us adjust the focus of the project to match recently known circumstances - if you know new facts, we can quickly implement them in the next sprint.

We know that your product must grow and evolve according to its users’ needs.

Information of your projects' phase in real time

We're transparent - we give you access to the tools we use for project management. This way you don't need to speculate where we're spending time on.

Plus, we value great communication, and are always available to answer your questions.

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Now, you may be curious about which tools we use for the job:


Most of our work is done using Ruby on Rails - a powerful framework designed to quickly develop, launch and maintain a product. We're also fans of the emerging Ember.js and Angular.js technologies

When working on challenges that evolve APIs, data and realtime, we usually use Node.js.


We make native experiences for Android & iOS.

And also have been using RubyMotion as a promising solution for the future of iOS development.

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