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The Problem

Supazaar rose from the need of theatres to hire (not buy) props and customs for shows. The hiring business, due to its multiple phase interaction between customer and supplier, is still very much subordinate to a hands-on process. In opposite to the purchase business, which has for a long time embraced new technologies to improve the user experience, and increase their efficiency, scale, and profits.

Hiring made easy

The goal was to build a hiring platform that was elegantly easy to use, and which concentrated multiple suppliers in a single place.

In Supazaar, retailers should be able to list their products and many of their attributes as stock, categories, and pricing.

Landing page
Landing page
Search item
Search item

Finding the common denominator

On the hiring business each supplier has its own practices for dealing with hires: different hiring policies, cancelation policies, pricing, product attributes, deposit values, and even deposit policies.

We had to balance the standardization of these attributes without making it too strict.
It was also important to reduce the friction of their migration to Supazaar, so we added the support for bulk import and edit of products using CSV files, as well as other feautures.

Search page
Search and item page
Item page

Payments Integration

On a second iteration, we integrated Stripe payments system with Supazaar.

We had to take into account the various factors that influence the final price and, equally important, how many and when the payments will take place. Hiring dates, hiring changes, quantity, and the different policies, all influence these aspects.

This required not only backend changes, but also important updates to the User Experience, such as Delivery settings that made possible define rates by counties and zones.

It was major milestone which was achieved with a stable release.



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